Max Kellerman and Stephen A Smith are known for their hot takes on the ESPN show First Take. Sometimes though, these takes are so absurd that they almost feel like they are scripted. Today, it was Kellerman who said something so wild, that he almost derailed the entire show as special guest Jay Williams walked off the set in visible disgust. So what was the topic you may ask? Well, the three were talking about just how clutch Kawhi Leonard is. That's when Kellerman compared Leonard to Kobe Bryant and how Kawhi is actually a better player in the clutch than the five-time champion.

As you can imagine, Williams and Smith were in such complete shock that they almost didn't know how to respond to Kellerman. For much of the segment, Kellerman had a smirk on his face which probably annoyed Williams and Smith even more. Stephen A tried to talk some sense into Kellerman but he kept pressing the issue and that's when Williams decided to leave the set.

Afterward, Twitter erupted with a plethora of memes about Kellerman and his incompetence when it comes to talking about anything related to basketball. Sure it's a debate show but sometimes you just got to sit back and shake your head.