It seems like every time there is a game in the NBA Playoffs, the analysts on ESPN completely change their minds on a whim about how they feel about certain players. They become prisoners of the moment and it typically leads to some pretty hilarious takes and opinions. Ever since Max Kellerman took over for Skip Bayless on ESPN's First Takehe has fit in quite nicely with some truly puzzling opinions that have left even Stephen A. Smith perplexed.

Today on First Take, Smith and Kellerman were talking about Iguodala's phenomenal shooting night for the Warriors and how he hit a dagger to give his team the win. While it's fine to compliment Iguodala and his performance, Kellerman took it one step further saying he would pick Iguodala over Curry to take a shot if the game was on the line.

Stephen A.'s reaction to the whole thing was pretty hilariously as he couldn't believe what he was hearing. Curry is considered to be one of if not the best shooter of all time and to say he'd prefer Iguodala over Curry in the clutch is one of the more bizarre takes that has been spewed in a while.

Twitter immediately handed Kellerman some L's for what he said and you can see those below.