Last we checked in on 50 Cent's revived feud with Irv Gotti (itself an off-shoot of his IG argument with Meek Mill), Irv had accused the rapper of being a police informant back in the thick of G-Unit and Murder Inc.'s famous beef. His evidence wasn't exactly rock solid, but he did get a rise out of 50, who fired back with a cheap shot at Irv's father, coinciding with a post Gotti had written about celebrating his old man's birthday.

"IRV said he a grown man and his father 82. Tell you daddy I said to hurry up and die punk. Lets get to it no more IG," wrote 50, later deleting his post.

While we saw no retaliation form Irv, Meek did sneak back into the conversation with some advice in the Murder Inc. mogul's IG comments, writing, "Let him drown hisself he showing his cards!"

Naturally, this didn't get by 50, who took a screencap of Meek's remark and posted it up on his own Instagram, captioning the pic with a threat. "I see you bitch, you don't want no parts of me, girl," he taunted. "I'm watching you, now be the same when I see you". This post has also since been deleted.

You can view the various screen caps from the latest wave of shade in the gallery above. Does 50's deletetion of his posts mean this finally might be dying down?