As of now, Meek Mill is not allowed to record music while serving his 3 month house arrest, so he's settled for the next best thing-- playing video games with fellow rappers. 

Meek jokingly taunted Chief Keef on Instagram earlier today, throwing up a screencap of his Grand Theft Auto V squad with the suggestion that he's coming to look for the rapper, who's known to be a big fan of the game.

It didn't take Sosa long to respond, warning Meek that he shouldn't try him on GTA V "No u aint dont do it meek! We'll fuck yo whole everything up," he said, accompanied by a good helping of cry-laugh emojis.

Keef then went on to post a collection of screencaps from his side, claiming he's on the lookout for Meek and his crew. So far, they don't seem to have met up, but we will definitely keep you posted if a face-off ensues.

Meanbwhile, OG Maco has also expressed interest in joining in on this battle on Twitter.

Check out the posts below.