The Twitterverse is already under the impression that Meek Mill isn't over Nicki Minaj, and this just adds fuel to that fire. Last night, during his heated argument on Clubhouse, the new app that artists, music executives, and entrepreneurs are embracing, Meek mentioned Nicki Minaj, her husband, and their newborn baby, which was ammunition for the Barbs to completely go off on the Philadelphia rapper.

Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj have a pretty complicated history. They were together for a minute, but their breakup was ugly, and the years following it have been riddled with headlines about the two, mostly for things that Meek says and does. People love to draw lines back to their time as a couple, which continued last night after Meek mentioned the Queen and her family.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Speaking about The Shade Room, who posted an image pitting him against Kenneth Petty, Nicki's husband, Meek said: "They had me up there. Me vs. Nicki's boyfriend. Nicki just had a f*cking baby, I just had a f*cking baby. Who's responsible for this bullsh*t?"

Somebody cut him off mid-way, realizing that this video was likely to get screen-recorded and sent to the blogs, which it was. Of course, the Barbs also got ahold of the video, which caused some backlash for Meek.

"If it’s one thing about Meek, he gon mention Nicki," wrote one commenter on Twitter. "It’s 2:15AM in the morning & Meek Mill on Clubhouse talkin about Nicki, her husband and their baby. They probably sleep."

Some are even going so far as to say Meek is "obsessed" about his ex-girlfriend.

Do you think it's about time for Meek to give up and stop talking/thinking about Nicki?