As you may recall, Meek Mill was busted for reckless endangerment while in New York City in August. The MMG rapper was arrested was booked by area police for riding his dirt bike while in the city. According to sources who saw the entire stunt, Mill was allegedly riding his four-wheeler "in and out of traffic and popping wheelies in the street." To make matters worse, he was also videoing the entire incident live on Instagram. Broadcasting this kind of daredevil activity is probably how the NYC police officials caught on to him in the first. In a statement, police claimed that the rapper "was arrested for an open complaint on reckless endangerment. Apparently he was seen on social media driving recklessly on a dirt bike. Police encountered him today and arrested him. He's already been removed to Central Booking, and he'll be going to court now."

Now, Mill has taken to Instagram to voice his displeasure in a since-deleted post with how the legalities of the situation have continued to played out, claiming that he was giving a "Class 1" felony for "popping wheelies." As part of the caption that he used to vent his frustration, he also lamented that the system was out to get him in a way, with this kind of punishment being far too severe for the crime that was committed. New York State uses a letter and number scale to determine the severity of the felonies that are handed out by police and then upheld or not in a court of law. In this case, the classification that Mill is describing could land someone in prison for life.

Whether or not that seems like a fair response for dirt bike riding in New York, Meek Mill has been given some favorable decisions for some of his recent legal troubles, including the fact that his airport assaulted case was recently dropped. You can read more about that incident here.