Meek Mill is trying to stay as far away from a courtroom as possible, but the law is steady on his tail. Meek has been free for a few months now, but an old lawsuit is threatening to drag the CHAMPIONSHIPS rapper into a legal battle. As reported by The Blastthe families of the two men killed during a shooting outside Meek's concert are now demanding $6 million to settle the wrongful death lawsuits against him.

The Blast got their hands on court documents that were filed on November 21 by the estates for Jaquan Graves and Travis Ward. The families of both victims claim they are willing to settle in the case. Of course, their price isn't cheap, as each family is asking for $3 million. Still, that may be cheaper than battling in court. Both families are suing separately over a shooting at a 2016 Meek concert in Connecticut that left two dead. 

The estates of Graves and Ward are blaming Meek for the carnage, claiming that his lyrics incite violence and there have been incidents at his past shows. The Oakdale Musical Theatre Company and Live Nation are also named in both lawsuits for being negligent in attaining security at the concert. Meek has already denied all involvement and allegations, claiming the situation was out of his hands and unfathomable.