The bad breaks in Meek Mill's current legal entanglements continue, with a report from Billboard coming this morning that the Superior Court in Pennsylvania has denied the rapper's request for bail for a second time this week.

This set back comes on the heels of Judge Genece Brinkley handing down a similar rejection earlier this week (December 4th), calling Mill a "danger to the community" in the process. The 30-year-old rapper is currently serving a 2-4 year prison sentence for violating his probation on a gun and drug case that is nearly a decade old at this point.

Meek's team of attorneys have done their best to put their client into a situation where he'll be granted his freedom in the near future. They had previously been denied in Superior Court last week and have also filed a motion to have Brinkley dismissed from the case, based on the potentially unethical nature of the sentence that she attached to the emcee. 

With a groundswell of public support continuing to follow Mill and this case in general, there's no doubt that many in the hip-hop community want him to be set free. However, the justice system has been in staunch opposition to the many appeals filed by his attorneys and one has to wonder whether or not the rapper's spirit could be fading after multiple rejections.

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