The city of Philadelphia is witnessing a sporting Renaissance of sorts. The Philadelphia Eagles broke their choker tag after years of fielding strong teams on paper to no avail. The Villanova Men's Basketball Team won 2 championships in 3 years, and in the year they fell short, they were literally the number 1 seed for most of the season. Philly fans have shed tears unlike any sports-crazed city. They have also fallen short of the glory expected of them as founding "fathers" of America. When Meek Mill was absconded for a prior conviction, that suppressed feeling of injustice only deepened. Meek Mill and Rocky Balboa, are in the eyes of the Philly faithful, much needed folk heroes--the type of men who embody the baseline working class ideals of the town as a whole.

After 5 months in state prison, Meek Mill was gloriously carted off on the basis of an "unsecured bail." Just about everybody including the state governor was essentially siding with Free Meek civil suit. In the case of many "Free Rapper" movements, Meek's plea for help rang especially true, and resonated with people outside of the walls of community. Upon his release, Meek barely had time to shower before a convoy picked him up on Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin's orders. Before attending the decisive 5th game at the Wells Fargo center, Meek linked up with the Villanova NCAA Championship side. Meek, an avid sports guy, seemed as stoked as the Nova players to make their acquaintance. The Nova Wildcats were initially tipped to ring the ceremonial bell, but made way for Meek to do the honor instead.

Welcome back Meek.