You've no doubt caught wind of Kanye West's "MAGA" fallout, in which Yeezy's decision to double down on Trump support caused a vocal backlash from his celebrity peers; his chair at the Calabasas neighborhood committee has since been cordoned off with red-tape. Now, amidst a sea of critics, Meek Meek has come through with his "I'm not mad, just disappointed" response. Calling "Make America Great Again" inherently disrespectful, Meek shared an accompanying clip revealing the struggles former slaves had in assimilating into the world. 

The duality of Meek's statement is particularly interesting given his own relationship with his country. The system, ostensibly put in place to ensure justice, failed him; as a result, Meek spent a lengthy stint in prison, due to a trumped-up parole-violation that dogged him for over a decade. On the other hand, the American people and market helped elevate Meek's status, continuously providing him with a means to make a living. Yet the poignancy of Meek's shared video highlights a troubling era in history, in which the system was once again positioned against the oppressed. It's no surprise that Kanye's words hit close to home, especially given Meek's recent legal history.

In any case, Kanye has picked a strange sword to die on. Clearly, he has no intent on backing down on the "MAGA" love, despite the fallout from outraged celebrities and Twitter voices. Perhaps Kanye is simply the ultimate contrarian, deriving energy from the voices of the naysayers. He once asked, "what would Meek do?" Shake his head in disappointment, apparently.