It looks as though Meek Mill has made good on his promise of unveiling freshly renovated basketball courts in his hometown. TMZ obtained the following video of Meek Mill performing a commencement speech, right before opening up the courts (once again) to the public. 

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

The East Fairmount Park grew out of Philadelphia's interconnected network of recreational spaces under the "Farmount" umbrella. For added context: Meek's old hood is located in North Philadelphia. Even though the renovations are public offering on the part of Meek Mill to his neighborhood cronies, the 32-year old was certain to leave his calling card, on the court itself - by sprinkling the Dream Chasers logos in several key spots, most notably around the perimeter of the playing area.

Meek also partook in the first scrimmage (since the relaunch). In the above aerial shot (posted on Instagram) Meek credits the Puma brand with helping see the project to fruition. "Redid some basketball courts in my hood today!!! S/o to #puma," he wrote on Instagram, alluding to several other re-touches taking place around the city.

After a job well done, Meek Mill reflected on his "Big Dawg Status" for just a moment, before turning at the next location. Meek's newfound interest in philanthropy knows no bounds; it's no wonder he's held in such high esteem wherever he goes.