Regardless of whether you like Soulja Boy or not, the rapper is a staple in the rap game. It may have been a few years since he had a hit on the Billboard Hot 100, but he's maintained relevance through his viral antics on the web. Following his rants against Tyga and Kanye West, Soulja took issue with Meek for reposting his hilarious rant about the "Dip" rapper's comeback. He took further issues with Meek when Charlamagne suggested the Philly rapper had a bigger comeback than Soulja Boy. However, Meek is finding all of this amusing since he took some time to reflect on the impact of "Kiss Me Thru The Phone."

Soulja Boy's last major hit, "Kiss Me Thru The Phone" holds a special place in Meek Mill's heart. The rapper took to Twitter to reflect on listening to Soulja Boy's "Kiss Me Thru The Phone" while he was in jail. Meek revealed that the song was in steady rotation.

"This was my favorite song when I was in jail back in the day calling girls collect.... and I used to his bars in the letters I wrote them no cap lol," he wrote on Twitter.

Before revealing the sentimental value of "Kiss Me Thru The Phone," Meek revealed that Soulja Boy's interview with the Breakfast Club "started my day off right!"

Clearly, Meek doesn't have any hard feelings towards Soulja Boy.