Apparently, a debate has been going on the e-streets regarding the birthday messages sent out respectively by Future, Ciara and Russell Wilson for Future Zahir's sixth birthday.

As we reported earlier, each parent sent out their own birthday message to the young Future, who is a product of the short-lived and highly publicized/ruminated on relationship between Future and Ciara. Even a glance at our own comment section pits the messages against each other, with Russell Wilson's message clearly longer and Future's tweet more abrupt. It seems this simple fact-- the differing length and content of each birthday message-- has sparked debate amongst fans, and Meek Mill has something to say about it.

future ciara baby future meek mill

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Meek has been busy on Twitter recently, offering quick takes on a lot of what is happening in the culture right now, including all things 6ix9ine.

Today's hot take is a sly one about these birthday messages for little Future, after the baby became a trending topic on Twitter this afternoon. In response, Meek wrote: "Y’all weird y’all worried about who got a better birthday post for they kids lol this thing getting worst ...."

Check out Meek's message below. Is he right?