These past few weeks have been heavy and emotional, as they've highlighted the issues of systemic racism and police brutality that have existed not only in America but in places all around the world for decades. People across the globe are protesting these injustices in many different ways, whether it be through signing petitions, donating to worthy and helpful causes, or standing right out on the frontlines. Others, still, are using music to get this message across, which is why we decided to highlight a few of the protest anthems that dropped this past week on our "Fire Emoji" playlist this week, along with a cut off Run The Jewels' new project.

One artist who's been outspoken issues of racism for years now is Meek Mill, so it came as no surprise when he dropped the poignant "Otherside of America," serving as a reality check to those who still insist on denying what's really going on in the United States. YG also dropped a politically and socially charged track this week, the message of which could not be clearer. On "FTP" or "F*ck The Police," a follow-up to the rapper's anti-Donald-Trump tune, "FDT" YG calls out all the corruption and violent misconduct within the American police force. Check out the rest of our new additions to "Fire Emoji" below, and keep on fighting the good fight.

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