Meek Mill's last visit to "The Tonight Show" will not soon be forgotten. Unfortunately for the rapper, things took a turn for the worst upon leaving the studio. Mere hours after holding it down as Jimmy Fallon's musical guest, Meek took to the streets of New York, where a fateful wheelie led to one of the most severe charges of reckless endangerment in recent memory. As Meek was on parole, the charge ultimately led to a harsh prison sentence, which brought forth a complicated and heated saga that remains ongoing today.

Now, Meek is set to return to "The Tonight Show," this time under different circumstances altogether. Having since experienced jail time, Meek has found himself elevated into a symbol for justice, and has taken his newfound responsibilities seriously. As a result, he will be sitting down for an actual interview this time around, as well as holding it down onstage. 

Be sure to catch Meek Mill's appearance on September 4th, 2018.