Experiencing so many ups and downs this year, Meek Mill has been underneath a bright spotlight ever since he was released from prison. The star served five months of a four-year sentence before his release was ordered. The controversial Judge Genece Brinkley has been a severe roadblock on Meek's way to freedom, continuously shutting down his legal team's attempts to start a new trial. Although it seems as though the drama may stay with Meek for a while, he's making the best of his situation. Now able to travel for work purposes, Meek debuted his new song "Stay Woke" on stage at the BET Awards. A highlight of the show, the rapper made his way to a Los Angeles nightclub shortly after to let loose a second impromptu performance, shocking everybody in attendance.

The event took place at Avenue nightclub in L.A. and he continued the narrative he's been preaching since enjoying partial freedom in April. Rocking a "Guilty until proven innocent" t-shirt, Meek did not have to do much talking to get his point across. After all, he's been as vocal as possible about the need for criminal justice reform in the United States. The Philly product has collaborated with Puma on a line of shirts promoting the necessity of justice reform, with the "Guilty" tee being part of the collection. Now sold out, you may need to seek the resale market if you're interested in copping one for yourself though.

Hopefully, Meek's team does not lose faith and continues to fight against the injustice in his case. Being released from prison was only the first step of the battle.

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