Meek Mill is well-known for being a dirt bike aficionado, landing himself in trouble a few years ago after pulling a wheelie in the street. He's also an avid ATV explorer and, this weekend, a fun ride ended with Meek on the ground after suffering a scary-looking spill.

"2020 acting Brazy," wrote the Philadelphia-based rapper with a teary-eyed emoji, posting a picture of himself wiped out on the floor after hitting the road with some friends. "Ima be aight," he confirmed. 

The fall looked pretty bad and, somehow, one of his boys was able to catch a photo of it as it happened. Making the situation even worse, Meek was not wearing a shirt during the accident, likely making any scratches he received even worse. Thankfully, he's not hurt and will continue terrorizing the streets on his bikes and ATVs.

Considering how, just the other day, J. Cole was roasting Bas for his own dirt bike fail, telling him that Meek Mill would be pissed when he saw the video of him wiping out, this was not good timing for the Championships rapper. He probably let down J. Cole with this blunder.

Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Recently, Meek spoke on the effort to free C-Murder, who has been locked up for years after being charged with murder. He co-signed the mission set forth by Kim Kardashian and Monica Denise to get Corey Miller home with his family.