Meek Mill seems like a changed man. While Wins And Losses was largely accepted as his strongest project thus far, momentum was stymied by an unjust and controversial prison sentence. After popping a wheelie proved costly, Meek found himself behind bars for a trumped up parole violation. Throughout his struggle, the people seemed to rally around the Philadelphia rapper like never before; it didn't take long for Meek to become a figurehead of sorts, a catalyst for change in the justice system. Nowadays, the rapper carries a certain gravitas, a newfound sense of purpose.

In that regard, it's no surprise that his Breakfast Club Interview kicks off with a discourse on his experience. Reflecting on the process of his arrest, Meek marvels at the fact that people were literally standing in the rail to protest his incarceration. It's no wonder he's moving with the sanctity of a devout man. Throughout the extensive interview, Meek opens up about his previous conversations with T.I (who has come to represent hip-hop's Southern Yoda), his recently unearthed Opioid addiction, and his relationship with Nicki Minaj and Drake.

When asked about his former rival, Meek admits he was appreciative of Drake's shout out. "He put good energy in the air. What happened happened. We moved past that. I think we'll have a conversation next time we see each other, and get it going." While Angela Yee claims she feels like Drake was looking to make amends, Meek is hesitant to agree. "I don't feel like he want to, it's just like, as grown long should this be going on? I'm still standing on my feet. He's still standing on his feet."

For more from Meek Mill, be sure to check out the full interview below.