Meek Mill's renaissance continues, in the wake of the rapper's excellent Championships album. Now, the press tour has brought Phildelphia's people's champ to The Breakfast Club, to talk shop with DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha God, and Angela Yee. 

Envy seems particularly impressed with the album's A&R'ing process, inquiring about who held it down on Championships. Meek lets it be known that he largely handles the responsibilities himself, along with assistance from Dollaz of Atlantic Records. "We spent relentless nights trying to get a great tracklist and really put it together the right way. Two days before my album came out, probably a week, I called all my real friends from back in the day that was in the basement with me. Like 'yo, I'm about to put together a playlist, come to the studio real quick. Let's pick. People who ain't gon' hold back." 

Charlamagne asks whether Meek ever feels overwhelmed by the status of his own "Dreams And Nightmares" intro, wondering if he'll ever be able to top it. "I want to, I don't feel pressure to, cause it's my work. There's probably pressure trying to compete with that type of intro." The conversation soon goes into "Lip Service" territory, as the trio attempt to rationalize whether or not Meek ever has unprotected sex; it's the signature blend of amusing, if slightly uncomfortable conversation that makes The Breakfast Club such an iconic show. 

Around the twenty-six minute mark, Meek delves into the depths of "YouTube Culture," exploring the influence it has on the youth, and himself for that matter. "I think I'm a conspiracy theorist now," says Meek, after reflecting on a few YouTube rabbit hole deep dives. "I think somebody unlocked my brain. That's all I like to see now, is shit I never heard about, and weird ass topics." Envy proceeds to inquire about whether Meek's kid actually grew his dreads out, prompting Meek to reveal the scope of his son's influences. "He influenced by Lil Pump," says  Meek, "Lil Uzi, that's just his era. I'm like: you ain't gettin' no color in your hair, dawg."

Be sure to peep the whole interview below, and support Meek Mill's Championships here.