Philadelphia rap scene veteran Oschino has plenty to say about Meek Mill. The two former friends have been at odds ever since Meek ignored Oschino's request to promote his project on IG. The former State Property emcee even called the younger rapper "Weak Mill" in a recent interview.

"He showed me he's a sucker. He the worst kind of sucker," Oschino said about him. "He'll hang with you and fuck with you when he ain't got shit [...] because he needs you."

He said he promoted Meek when he asked him and was shocked to find that he refused to do the same for him. He claims Meek even blocked him on IG.

"For the one nigga that I messed with the most out of everybody [...] to come and do this shit to me when I ain't do nothing to him," Oschino said."

Oschino was with State Property and signed to Roc-A-Fella once. He said when met Meek in 2006, the rapper had not a dime to his name. He was "walking" when he met him, according to the older rapper. Still, he said he was a fan of Meek's skills despite his lack of funds and put out a song with him.

Watch the clip below.