We're not sure why, but Meek Mill decided to have some fun with Photoshop this weekend, pasting his girlfriend Nicki Minaj's face on the body of a pregnant woman, and tagging himself as the belly on Instagram. The caption reads: "Haters will say it's photoshopped," so it's clear Meek isn't trying to fool anyone here, and is more likely just having a laugh at the sporadic rumors that he and Nicki might be expecting.

Upproxx points out that the original image actually comes from Tammy Hembrow, a fitness Instagram model who showed off her baby bump about 4 months back.

So far, we haven't got a reaction from Nicki, but we're sure she thinks it's as hilarious as the rest of us. Maybe she's working on her own Meek photoshop as a response?

Nicki has previously suggested that there could be a child somewhere in the future for her and Meek, but it's not necessarily happening any time soon.

Check out the pics below.