The fashion in the NBA is funny. In the short walk from the outside of the stadium to the locker rooms, athletes like to show off their fashion sense. LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, and Karl-Anthony Towns are all players that are known to take their outfits very serious, and in turn, we've grown to critique and enjoy their wild styles. Westbrook is used to the internet gunning on him for his style of fit, but James Harden is the latest celebrity to get roasted. 

Harden and the Houston Rockets took on the Los Angeles Lakers yesterday (December 13), and his entrance was widely panned by those watching. The Rockets did pull off the 126-111 win, but none of that matters right now. The only thing people could talk about after the game was Harden's snakeskin suit. As if the odd-colored fit wasn't eye-popping enough, Harden decided to don matching snakeskin suit shorts. The sportscasters watching Harden walk to the locker rooms were just as shocked. 

Meek Mill decided to add his two cents to the conversation as well. The Championships rapper responded to Harden directly by commenting on a picture he posted of the outfit. "I just talked to chief he said that ain't it bro," joked Meek.