Even though coronavirus is spreading like wildfire throughout the NBA, with recent reports now saying multiple Brooklyn Nets players contracted the virus, that hasn't stopped Boosie BadAzz from wanting a Players' Tribune-style smoke session with any willing NBA players currently on lockdown. Oh, and Meek Mill wants in on the weed cypher too! 

Meek Mill Boosie BadAzz NBA Smoke weed blunt quarantine coronavirus
Prince Williams/WireImage

Boosie posted a message on Instagram yesterday as a call-out any and all basketball players in the Atlanta area who'd be down to spark a few while telling stories of their time on the court. "I WANNA SMOKE SOME EXOTIC WEEK WITH SOME NBA PLAYERS N HERE ABOUT THEY BEST GAMES N TOUGHEST MATCH UPS," BadAzz wrote, even adding the hashtag #notestugood in reference to not having to worry about league-mandated drug tests because, in his words, "U ON BREAK ANYWAY." Meek jumped in his comments to co-sign with a series of laughing emojis and also writing, "I’m coming too." Exotic or not, sharing blunts right now seems to be one of the quickest ways to transmit COVID-19, especially with random NBA players at that. Let's just hope we don't have to report two more positive tests in the near future.

Peep Boosie Badazz's original Instagram post below: