DJ Khaled really seems like a nice, motivating, and down-to-earth man. He's loud and boisterous at times but at the end of the day, he loves his partner and his son with all his heart. He's also worked with the majority of the industry, receiving praise from a whole slew of important artists and generational talents. His albums are more like compilation works but that's what he does; he yells his name over songs and combines unexpected forces for major hits. When you lock into his speeches, he can be incredibly inspiring and Meek Mill recognizes that. In fact, he's down to change his ringtone to one particular Khaled monologue.

Now, we're not entirely sure why Meek would want to use this as his ringtone. There are a few possible reasons. Perhaps he doesn't like speaking on the phone at all and would get distracted by the speech, causing him to just listen to the entire thing. Another possibility is that he would pick up right away to shut Khaled up. Considering how close the two are, we're pretty much ruling out the latter.

The story Khaled tells resonates to Meek Mill's history as he speaks about never giving up despite everybody being against him. Meek was critiqued after his feud with Drake, then he was sent to jail. He seemingly had nobody on his side before flipping the script, becoming one of the most beloved figures in the community.

Meek Mill and DJ Khaled are both expected to release albums soon. Meek's new work will drop this month while Father Of Ashad still does not have a release date.