Since Meek Mill's received a clearly unjust prison sentence for probation violation, the judge behind the sentencing has received a lot of criticisms. Meek's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, has claimed on several occasions that she held some sort of bias in the case. Earlier in the year, transcripts from their court hearing were released that revealed that she never tried to sway Meek into switching management. She's threatened to sue Meek and his attorney over his false claims and now her lawyer, A Charles Peruto Jr., is speaking on the matter.

Peruto spoke to TMZ earlier today and said that Tacopina has been lying this whole. He says that he was the one that told Judge Genece Brinkley to release the transcript because it proves that the claims held against her are false.

"Joe Tacopina is a circus clown. He wasn't there, yet he gave all sorts of interviews saying the judge had this discussion trying to coax Meek into switching managers. It didn't happen." He said, "And as soon as I got back and I read that transcript, I told the judge 'release the transcript' because it completely flies in the face of his allegations."

He claims that Tacopina used the media in an attempt to smear the judge's name. While she's been accused of unethical conduct, Peruto claims that Meek's legal teams have been the ones who've been trying to deal with the matter unethically by using people outside of the court room to try and lift Meek's sentence. He says former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell and others have contacted her to try and get her to change her mind.

Check the full clip below.