Meek Mill's recent legal saga, which has led to him being put behind bars on what many in the hip-hop and entertainment communities are calling too harsh a sentence, continues to be one of the biggest stories in music. From Rick Ross' efforts in leading a Philly-based rally for the rapper to celebs like Drake and Jay-Z speaking out publicly against the injustice. Today, news is coming in that Mill's legal team has made another move towards getting the emcee out of prison as soon as possible.

According to Complex, Meek's attorneys have filed an emergency petition for an Original Writ of Habeas Corpus. The filing took place at the Superior Court of Pennsylvania, asking that the rapper be released on bail. In a section titled "Grounds for Immediate Release on Bail," his lawyers wrote the following:

"Williams is an excellent candidate for bail pending decision on his post-sentence motion and, if necessary, pending appeal. He has no remedy to enforce this right effectively except to petition this Court for the extraordinary relief of an emergency writ. Since being convicted in one case as a teenager more than a decade ago, he has suffered no new convictions, and has not engaged in other criminal activity. He does not present any danger to the community. He has matured, become a responsible father, acquired a profession in which he has excelled, conquered a drug habit, and generally been rehabilitated."

This news comes on the heels of word that the selfie king himself, Rev. Al Sharpton, visited Meek Mill in prison over the weekend. Sharpton added his name to the growing list of Meek supporters while speaking at the National Action Network headquarters in New York. “I think this is about an injustice that is representative of many young men of color that face an abuse of a probation or parole system,” he said. “This is not about an artist. This is about a system.”

Only time will tell if this new petition to the Pennsylvania Superior Court will yield any positive results for Meek Mill, but one this for sure: now more than ever, it feels like the general public is fully behind him getting released.