The Philadelphia Eagles are still basking in the glow of their NFC Championship victory over the Minnesota Vikings. The Eagles did so without their starting quarterback in Carson Wentz, who remains sidelined with an injury. Before the game and afterwards during the celebration, one distinctive rap song helped fire up the men who brought a conference title home to the City of Brotherly Love.

Meek Mill's "Dreams and Nightmares" has, according to multiple accounts, become the de facto anthem for the team, as they used it to get the players and the fans amped up for this past weekend's game before the opening kickoff. As per NBC Sports' John Clark, the stadium was arguably the loudest its ever been, as everyone jammed out to Meek's track. After the game, everyone was still just as lit.

The sad part of this story is the fact that Meek Mill remains in prison after violating a condition of his parole. The stories have been wide-ranging over the past few months concerning how corrupt the judge in the Meek case may be and how she may have rendered a decision based on personal prejudice and not on the law itself. Many Twitter users were reminded of Meek's predicament and wished he could've been a free man to witness the energy his music gave to a stadium full of excited fans. Check out a sampling of the response below.

What rap song, by Meek or someone else, gets you amped up before a big sporting event or similarly important life event? Let your voice be heard in the comments.