Chalk this one up in the wins column. Meek Mill is a free man. As of yesterday, the rapper returned to Philadelphia after being released on bail, finding himself honored with a veritable heroes welcome. With the hip-hop community abuzz with positive vibes for the Wins And Losses rapper, it seems if Meek's position in the game is actually more secure than ever before. It's like Boosie said, back in November 2017. "He gone be back even stronger...He going to miss a lot of money but he gon' get that double back. He’ll be richer in two months than he was his whole career." Evidently, there may very well have been truth to that. 

It's not all good news, however. It was recently reported that Meek's eternal nemesis, Judge Genece Brinkley, has decided to remain on the case. Granted, all signs seem to point to her decision as unwise; it's hard not to feel like this has become utterly personal, a captain going down with one's proverbial ship. The news is especially unsettling, given the fact that Meek's conviction has yet to be overturned. Considering Brinkley's staunch position as chief antagonist to the "Free Meek" movement, it's most certainly casting the news in a bittersweet light.

In the wake of this disconcerting news, Meek's lawyer Joe Tacopina has issued a statement on the matter. He spoke to TMZ, expressing shock at Brinkley's stubbornness, essentially telling her to thoroughly reread the Supreme Court's decision, which notes that "[Brinkley] may opt to remove herself from presiding over this matter." Rather pointedly, Tacopina explains that the Court is all but telling Brinkley to GTFO in the name of justice. He also reportedly described her as "a little sad and a little delusional," which speaks to the frustration his camp must be feeling. 

We shall see what transpires once the dust settles.