Meek Mill's new-found freedom was a triumphant moment for him, his family and friends, the city of Philadelphia, as well as the entire rap game. While yesterday he opted to attend the 76ers playoff victory against the Miami Heat for his first night out, everyone is wondering what will happen when Meek makes his official return to music. 

TMZ caught up with Chuck D, one half of the legendary rap duo Public Enemy, and asked him what his thoughts on Meek's release were. He seemed hopefully that Meek would have matured from this experience.

"I think Meek Mill has grown from this and I don't think he can go back to the man he was," said Chuck D. "I think the man he is now is different than the boy he was. Sometimes it takes us to get behind somebody who might be stuck in that way, to be like, 'Yo this is the way.' There's going to be some chips off your shoulder, but this is where you come in, people taking a stand for people."

Chuck was then asked whether he means Meek should use this experience to put bigger messages into his music. Rather than addressing Meek specifically, Chuck explained how the idea that you could lose your core audience by shifting to a positive message in your lyrics is, in his words, "the biggest piece of bullshit a record company could ever tell its artist."

Numbers wise, rap fans don't seem to have any real issue with political messages. Just look at J. Cole's first week sales

Check out the video with Chuck D below.