Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly's Costa Rica getaway saw the couple indulging in hallucinogenic tea, in the form of ayahuasca. While stopping by Jimmy Kimmel Live, the actress shared the details behind the couple's shared trip-- the one to Costa Rica as well as the drug-induced one. Judging by the way Fox describes the trip Kimmel, you simply had to be there.

As Megan Fox details to guest host Arsenio Hall, the spiritual retreat, where they were served the hallucinogenic brew often used in South America for Indigenous ceremonies, was not what she was initially expecting.

"So I was thinking it was like glamping, like it was gonna be some kind of five-star experience," she revealed. She continued to recall the ordeal, "But you get there and you really are in the middle of the jungle, and you don’t get to eat after like 1 p.m. You have to walk a very far distance to get your water, and you can’t shower because they’re in a drought. There was nothing glamorous about it, and it’s all a part of making you vulnerable, so you sort of surrender to the experience."

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actress proceeded to describe the rest of the ceremony. The ritual also involved as many as twenty other people, all throwing up while sipping on lemongrass tea. "And you have to vomit a certain amount until they let you get back with everyone else, so you’re like cheering on everyone as they throw up," she explained. According to Fox, the ceremony lasted three days, and her and Machine Gun Kelly saw their own versions of hell during ayahuasca hallucinations-- Fox says her personal Hell arrived on the second day of the ceremony, and lasted for an "eternity." "Just knowing it’s eternity is torture in itself, because there’s no beginning, middle or end. So you have a real ego death," she said of the hell-ish experience.

Take a look at the video clip with Arsenio below.