After popping up in the studio together last week, it looks like Megan Thee Stallion and Young Thug got the mix back on their new single and decided to drop it right away, announcing the new release for this week.

Megan just announced that, on Friday, she will be releasing her anticipated collaboration with Young Thug, titled "Don't Stop". Given everything happening in her life right now, the title makes a lot of sense, putting her resiliency at the forefront.

The cover artwork was uploaded to the Houston rapper's page, which shows a woman's body adorned by a massive tattoo of Thug and Meg together, surrounded by a bed of roses.

The track is officially available for pre-order on all streaming services.

Considering the fact that they were together in the studio just last week, this was a pretty quick turn-around for the two. However, Megan is likely rushing to put out some music to combat her alleged abuser, who dropped an entire album on Friday. If he's going to profit off the added media attention, why shouldn't she?

Let us know if you're excited about this new single and what you're expecting from it. "Don't Stop" is out on October 2.

Megan Thee Stallion recently sent a message loud-and-clear with her latest jewelry acquisition, putting on her "Fuck You" rings and uploading a new picture on Instagram this week.