There have been so many rumors popping off regarding Megan Thee Stallion's relationship status. Especially in the last month, everybody has been wondering exactly who she's been spending her time with. Before she as spotted with Trey Songz at his birthday party, fans were under the impression that she and Memphis rapper MoneyBagg Yo were still going strong. Then, rumors involving Tristan Thompson appeared online, leading some to dig deep into the origin of those talks. Not a fan of the speculation, Stalli declared that she's not romantically involved with any of the rumored men but, upon showing up at the American Music Awards last night, the H-Town Hottie felt a need to clear things up further with a freestyle.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

One of the current queens of Southern rap, and hip-hop as a whole, Megan Thee Stallion struck the AMAs with a freestyle about her relationship status. Swagging out outside of the car, Meg revealed that she's not into "kissing and telling" before officially announcing that she and her ex-boyfriend are through. "Bitch, I'm twenty-four and single, ain't no ring on my finger," raps the high-profile star before getting a little raunchy in her bars. 

Do you think the Stallion is bound to always see her name attached to dating rumors of this sort? Considering the fact that she's one of the hottest musicians in the entire world, it seems likely.