Tory Lanez was recently charged with one count of assault with a semiautomatic handgun in relation to Megan Thee Stallion's shooting and, despite him being the only person charged that night, he consistently maintains his innocence, suggesting to his fans that Megan is lying.

Last night, Lanez was on Instagram Live to an audience of over 200,000 curious people where he danced around the topic entirely, never admitting that he shot Megan but also not flat-out denying it. He spoke about the people saying he doesn't care about Black women, arguing that, because he's always had Black women in the lead role in his music videos, he does care about them. He also claimed that he has never hurt another woman, which was promptly disputed by receipts when one of Tory's exes shared a report accusing him of abuse

Lanez's Live session was messy and Megan Thee Stallion was not pleased to be hearing everything coming out of his mouth. As she fights for the protection of Black women, as well as her own reputation, the Houston-bred rapper sent out a tweet that echoed what many of Tory's detractors were thinking: "This N***a genuinely crazy."

Despite her not calling him out directly, it's clear that she is speaking about Tory. The tweet was sent out in the midst of his Live stream, and the situation has absorbed her for months, so, she's definitely not feeling Tory's constant claims that she's not telling the truth.