The “Thot Shit” rapper’s second collection with FashionNova was released online on Wednesday, June 23. Her first partnership with the clothing brand in November 2020 sold $1.2M just 24 hours after the release.

Fashion Nova and Megan also paired up back in March to give out $1M in scholarships to support “women entrepreneurs, female students, women-owned businesses, and women-focused charities."

Megan cited that the new collection has “thee HOTTEST swimsuits for all shapes and sizes for this mf HOTGIRL SUMMER” on a promo post on her Instagram.

The extensive 112 piece collection has a variety of sexy swim styles in tropical neon colors alongside loud animal print swimsuits and coverups. She even added two dog tanks to the collection, perfect for her fan-adored French bulldog who has his own Instagram, @4oe.

Megan shared a few stunning photos from the promotional photoshoot on her ‘Gram that make you want to go check out the rest of the collection right away. 

In the repost-worthy cover shot, the Grammy winner poses poolside in a black latex bikini that retails for $39.99 along with her signature latex gloves. 

In another, she poses in a denim bikini perfect for the summer carwash vibe.

The collection coincidentally dropped the same day as her newly-estranged once-close collaborator DaBaby, who announced his own collection with similar fast-fashion brand Boohoo. 

Do you think Megan will surpass her previous release day sales record with this latest line?