Megan Thee Stallion is already trying to move past her shooting incident from last month. As rumors continue to swirl regarding Tory Lanez's possible involvement, the Hot Girl from Houston is structuring her own narrative. 

In her new interview with Variety, she speaks on pedaling forward and not focusing on the incident, looking forward to everything going on in her future. As we wait for her debut studio album, which is expected to release before the summer ends, Megan took time out to respond to a rude commenter who asked her about her recovery.

"How that foot looking," wrote one insensitive user in her inbox. As if to teach a lesson to all the ignorant people hitting her up, Meg actually clapped back.

"Better bitch thanks for asking," she wrote back.

Megan Thee Stallion has already said enough about the shooting. She doesn't really need to entertain this drama but she seemingly found a positive side of it, getting snarky in her reply.

The superstar rapper will be featured on Cardi B's return single "WAP," which the duo announced this week.

She is also promoting her new interview with Variety, which features excerpts about her going back to school, her upcoming music, and even some praise from Nicki Minaj.