Megan Thee Stallion quickly rose the rap ranks to become one of the most popular females in the game. She has the unique opportunity to absolutely take over in 2020, announcing that her debut album will be arriving then. Wherever she goes, people recognize her. Coupled with fame is a total loss of privacy so it’s important for Stalli to constantly be surrounded by security guards who can keep her safe from the crazies of the world. She recently posted a photo of herself hiking to the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles and, in the upload, her bodyguard made an appearance. His size had everyone amazed in the comments.

The girls were thirsty in Megan’s comments this week after she shared a photo of herself with her bodyguard Justin. Whether people were asking for his social media information or simply remarking on how burly he is, Megan got everyone’s panties in a bunch with this post. She complied though, dropping his @ in a reply and allowing all of her followers to go and shoot their shot in his DMs.

While Justin has some serious muscles, he ain’t got nothing on DaBaby’s security. That dude is a beast. Or Kendrick Lamar’s guy... he’s also a monster. Peep the comments to the photo below to see what people are saying.