Megan Thee Stallion grew up listening to Pimp CThree 6 Mafia and The Notorious B.I.G and she's always wondered what would happen if a girl rapped like them. She decided early on that she wanted to become a rapper, morphing together her three main inspirations to become Megan Thee Stallion. The budding superstar just released her new mixtape Fever and she's truly become a sensation this year. Following up DaBaby's appearance yesterday, Hot Girl Meg represents for Houston in the second XXL Freshman freestyle and interview of the week.

We have yet to hear an album from the young H-Town artist but she's been hyping up what her debut could be like, telling folks that when it does come out, it'll be something special. Freestyling for her fans, Tina Snow spit some of her raw electricity, getting raunchy in her lyrics and exhibiting swagger that only Juicy J could rival. There's no question why Meg made it to where she is. She's one of the brightest stars among this year's class so she was pretty much a shoo-in for 2019 Freshman. 

What do you think of her freestyle effort? Did she body it or could she have done a little better? Check it out below.