Seeing that Megan Thee Stallion performed an NPR Tiny Desk concert was great. Seeing that she got Phony Ppl to serve as her backing band made it even better. Seeing her debut an unreleased song with the Brooklyn group was almost too much to handle. The track revolved around the concept of Meg boasting about her sidepieces stationed in different area codes. Meg showcases her exquisite breath control during her sharply-penned verses and Phony Ppl's lead vocalist, Elbee Thrie, sings a soaring chorus about a woman's infidelities. 

After Meg's appearance on the popular web series premiered, fans demanded for a CDQ version of the unreleased song to be shared with the world. Months passed without this request being fulfilled, but the wait is almost over. Phony Ppl just announced that "Fkn Around" will arrive this Friday (Jan. 31). As they listed Megan as the feature on the track, it will likely not serve as a single for her forthcoming debut album, Suga

While we countdown to Friday, you can listen to the live version of "Fkn Around" below and pre-save the track on your preferred streaming service here. Also, get familiar with Phony Ppl by listening to their latest project, Mō'zā-ik.