Months have passed and, still, nobody knows what actually happened between Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez that night. 

We have heard both sides of the story. Megan alleges that Tory shot her twice in both of her feet as she was exiting their shared vehicle following a house party with Kylie Jenner. She has been adamant that he is her shooter, calling him "genuinely crazy". Tory, on the other hand, is suggesting that the rapper is lying. On his new album Daystar, and during an Instagram Live session this week, he addressed the topic and repeatedly said her version of the story is false.

Kelsey Nicole, Megan's ex-BFF who was also in the car with the two artists, has been silent for months but, as of late, she has begun to speak out. 

Today, Kelsey responded to a comment from a fan who theorized that Tory and herself were kissing in the car, which angered Megan enough to leave before shots were fired. She vehemently denied those rumors.

"Is it true u was in the back seat letting Tory make out with u?" asked the fan. "When meg got mad n he defended thru a shot? N yr not talking cuz u was tryna get in da $ wit Tory bt keep the life wit Meg? Is it true or false?"

Kelsey replied, saying: "Na it ain't mf true."

So, what is true then? An investigation is open and Tory has been charged with felony assault with a semi-automatic firearm. Hopefully, we find out what happened soon.