Fans watched Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj's "Hot Girl Summer" antics unravel in real-time on Instagram Live last week. The new close friends were seen twerking, taking shots, cracking jokes, and posing for the camera, letting fans know that they were having the time of their lives on the set of their "Hot Girl Summer" video shoot. Yet, TMZ states that filming the music video wasn't as easy and carefree as the ladies made it seem because production ran into problems with the Los Angeles Police Department.

The outlet stated that on Friday, the "Hot Girl Summer" production crew was attempting to film in Los Angeles' elite Mount Olympus neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills. However, things took a turn when the LAPD showed up to shut everything down because the crew didn't have the necessary permits that allowed them to film in the affluent community.

TMZ shared that someone in the neighborhood called the police on Megan, Nicki, Ty Dolla $ign and Co., but production was able to find a last-minute fix. They secured a location in neighboring San Bernadino County in the city of Chino Hills about 45 miles east. There's no word on when fans can expect the "Hot Girl Summer" video's release, but as quickly as they're moving with this record, it should be soon.