Without any final resolution being reached in Megan Thee Stallion's highly-publicized dispute with her record label, she announced today that she would be dropping her debut album Suga this Friday (Mar. 6). It was reported earlier this week that the Houston rapper had obtained a temporary restraining order against her label, 1501 Certified Entertainment, which would allow her to release new music as soon as she wished. Fans rejoiced when they discovered they'd be receiving her whole album imminently, rather than just a single, but now 1501 is threatening to sabotage everything. 

Megan Thee Stallion Label Lawsuit Suga Album CourtBrad Barket/Getty Images

According to TMZ, Carl Crawford, the CEO of 1501, has filed a motion to dissolve the temporary restraining order, as Meg's contract supposedly stipulates that all disputes must be settled in arbitration. Therefore, he claims she had no right running to the court for a judge to intervene. Crawford is imploring that an emergency court hearing be held in Harris County, Texas today to put a halt to the Houston Hottie's plans. 

While the $1 million lawsuit that Meg filed against her label on Sunday (Mar. 1) highlighted the lopsidedness of her recording contract and the disappointment Crawford's despotism would be causing her fans, he's arguing that she's still obligated to abide by the contract that places control of her music distribution in his hands. Unless his demands are met - he alleges that Meg hasn't paid him his rightful share of her profits for months - then he will do all in his power to block the release of Suga.