Her "hotties" may fawn over her every word and track all of her social media moves, but not everyone is a fan of Megan Thee Stallion. The Houston rapper has had a phenomenal 2019 as her career has catapulted into stardom in what could seem to be overnight by the untrained eye. The 24-year-old has gone from a college student with rap star dreams to an international superstar with a No. 1 song under her belt within months. 

Yet, Megan's twerk-filled shows and barely-there fashion choices have been the center of criticisms. On Tuesday, the rapper was featured on the well-known fashion publication Fashion Bomb Daily's Instagram page where they showed off her purple snakeskin-style custom look that she wore during her live show in Buffalo, New York. FBD's readers were not kind as they called Megan's attire "tacky," "designer stripper clothes," and one person questioned if Megan only wore panties during her performances.

Megan's stylist EJ King was bothered by the responses, to say the least, and he shared his thoughts with a comment of his own. "Half of the people making comments have nothing to offer this world but hate and and negativity," he wrote, adding that "it’s only in black culture do we tear down our own kind, and ridicule, judge and disrespect each other for the same sh*t that happens in white culture that they are praised over!!!"

The celebrity stylist stated that Megan is a positive influence for young girls as she encourages them to continue their education. He also called out the double standard because there are plenty of other artists who dress similarly including "Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera so on and so forth!!!!" He ended things by saying he doesn't care about the negativity and doesn't need to defend his work. Check out a few more of King's styles he's created for Megan and let us know if there is a double standard for female rap artists versus pop singers.