Melania Trump is bringing in this Christmas with some bright and colorful Christmas decorations. The Christian holiday has been commercialized over the last several decades, and what once was a celebration of life is now every businesses' favorite time of the year. Consumers spend without thinking in order to bless their friends and families with gifts. The commercialization of Christmas has also led to people complaining about different aspects of the holiday, from "Happy Holiday" greetings to decoration types. This year, it appears people are taking shots at Melania Trump's White House Christmas trees. 

Melania posted a video of her White House decorations to social media, and the internet immediately went crazy over her blood red Christmas trees. While the trees look festive and gorgeous to some, others likened the trees to some type of Lord of the Rings-esque fantasy plant. "'Take the blood of my enemies and paint the trees,'" wrote one Twitter user, creating a hilarious dialogue. "'Send it to the village for the Winter Harvest Festival as warning. Let no one ever cross me again. Be Best.' 'Be Best, my Lady,' the underling replied and scurried away."

"Finally we can stop saying 'Happy Holidays' and go back to saying 'Beware the blood trees, may they not consume your soul,'" wrote another user.