At this point, the Trumps being in charge of the United States is basically a meme in itself but Melania Trump never ceases to break the internet in meme-worthy fashion. She's getting absolutely dragged on Twitter right now for her apparent lack of gardening skills but if we ask her, she'd probably just pull up in a jacket that says "I really don't care" on the back. The First Lady was captured back in September 2017 for a very strange photo of her doing some gardening with amazingly clean shoes, hinting that she's never stepped foot in a garden. Shout out to the photographer that captured this image because it's genuinely fantastic. 

Social media is presently having a field day making memes with the photo. Complex was quick to point out that Melania should have taken lessons from Michelle Obama on tending to fruits and vegetables, who famously praised turnips in her "Turn Up For What" parody. In her defense, she may have brushed up on her gardening skills since last year but considering the amount of staff that works at the White House, she probably doesn't need to spend any time in the garden.

Check out some of the best memes from Melania's awkward photoshoot below and let us know your favorite.