Melania Trump found herself under fire in 2016 after her appearance at the Republican National Convention. Many began pointing out the similarities between her speech and Michelle Obama's speech with allegations of plagiarism echoing through the media.

A former friend of Melania and short-lived Trump adviser Stephanie Winston Wolkoff recently published her book, Melania And Me where she divulged on the information regarding that infamous moment. Wolkoff explained that she had offered to refer Melania to a friend who would pen the speech, though she declined. Wolkoff explained that Melania wasn't embarrassed by the apparent plagiarism from Michelle Obama's 2008 speech but suspicious that someone would try to sabotage her. "She was suspicious that the plagiarism had been left in on purpose," Wolkoff wrote. "Someone in Trump World didn't want Melania to shine."

"We talked about who that might be. Who stood to gain by making Melania look bad? Our conversations were guarded, and she kept it light, as always," Wolkoff continued. 

While former staff writer for the Trump Organization Meredith McIver took the heat for the incident, she explained that she had accidentally took part in the speech after Melania referenced it as what she was seeking for her RNC address.