Playing for the Los Angeles Chargers can't be easy. Sure, you get to live in Los Angeles but you don't have any fans. Of course, all of the real Chargers fans are in San Diego, meanwhile, Los Angeles football fans are already supporting the Rams. Needless to say, it's a lose-lose scenario for all of the players out there who want to go out and compete in front of thousands of adoring fans. If you play for the Chargers, you're basically playing 16 away games every single season.

Former Chargers running back Melvin Gordon was always extremely blunt about his distaste for the Chargers fanbase and has thrown shots their way countless times. During a recent conversation with Marcus Cromartie, Gordon spoke about playing games with no fans and he couldn't help but throw some shade at the Chargers supporters who do exist.

"We didn't have many Chargers fans, I'm going to be honest," Gordon said. "We didn't have many Chargers fans at the game. Much loyalty, love, but we didn't have many. I ain't really missing out on much."

As of right now, the NFL is promising to start on time in 2020 although, with the Coronavirus, it remains to be seen if this is feasible. Either way, Gordon will have to go another year without fans.