I guess it's now or never if you have a compromising story to tell about Kanye West. On a recent episode of Memphis Bleek's podcast, the former Rocafella rapper the incident that led to Kanye West blacklisting him from social events. Memphis began his story under a vague premise by insisting the two were part of smattering of individuals enjoying Las Vegas' nightlife during the most "divisive era of Kanye's career." Memphis claimed that Kanye had gone wayward in his opinion.

The incident began like any other, as Kanye West and another individual requested the services of a sex worker. For some reason, Memphis Bleek took offence and advised him not to pursue those activities: "I tried to tell him not to do something in Vegas one time and he told me I was bugging. Listen to this, this was back in the day." 

According to Bleek his apparent nosiness was the final straw in their relationship, a relationship many of us seldom knew existed. At the time, Kanye insisted he was only interested in "taking a girl out to eat." From that point on, Bleek contends that his relationship with Kanye West faded into obscurity. Something tells me their friendship was more a matter of convenience than anything else.

Listen to the full clip below.