Variety is reporting back on the official numbers from this weekend's box office and Men In Black: International is in the lead. The latest addition to the franchise calls on a star-studded cast where the international agents in black are Tessa Thomspon and Chris Hemsworth. Although we previously reported on the film doing slightly below the projections, it is still doing fairly good. Critics and movie buffs are calling these recent drops in viewership and sales for new franchise installment a "franchise fatigue." Numerous movies seem to have suffered from the latter as seen with the major box office flop experienced by X-Men's latest movie, Dark Phoenixwho dropped by 83% percent since its debut the Friday before. Yikes, indeed. Luckily, Men In Black has not experienced the exact same fate. 

According to Variety, the ticket sales tied to the box office reflect a profit of $28.5 million dollars for Men In Black: International's opening weekend. Considerably, the numbers are almost half of what the previous installments brought it, but it remains good enough to lead the box office. Analysts anticipated a start above $30 million dollars hence it is not that far off. Though it did take $110 million dollars to produce the film, hence we hope it will be able to cover the cost with sales from the oncoming weeks.