For the past decade, Redman has been teasing a sequel to his and Method Man's cult classic, How High. It seemed as if we were getting closer to getting How High 2 last year after Redman said that the script was being "rewritten" because he didn't like the original. He later stated that he and Method Man would move onto something else if the script wasn't to his liking. However, this week, it was revealed that How High 2 was in the works, but neither Meth or Red were cast for the film. Now, fans have launched a petition, urging to have the duo in the film.

A petition called “Get Method Man and Redman in ‘How High 2" is putting the pressure on the production company behind How High 2 to cast Method Man and Redman in the sequel to the 2001 stoner film. The petition refers to the duo's absence as a “travesty and an injustice" while telling fans to sign the petition "to show that they need to be included in the sequel." As of now, the petition is nearing its goal of 2,000 with 1,856 signatures. 

Lil Yachty revealed that he'd be starring in the film's upcoming sequel alongside DC Young Fly. Lil Baby, Tiny, and NeNe Leakes are among some of the other names rumors to appear in How High 2.

While it seems unlikely that Meth and Red will be reprising their roles in the film, TMZ reported there's a chance the duo might end up making a cameo in the sequel.