Today, one of the game's most influential producers (and pioneer of the modern dark banger) Metro Boomin celebrates his twenty-seventh birthday. And while the year has been a relatively uneventful one in the mainstream eye, it's clear that the Atlanta artist has been steadily putting in work behind the scenes, namely on 21 Savage's upcoming Savage Mode 2In fact, it stands to reason that the anticipated sequel has been occupying the majority of his time -- that, and his collaborative project with Lil Durk No Auto Durkwhich also remains in the working stages.

Metro Boomin

Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images 

While fans wait for what's the come, it feels appropriate to celebrate everything Metro Boomin has brought to the table throughout his career. Easily one of the most accomplished producers of the 2010s, having gone on a particularly impeccable run from 2015-2018, Metro's sound has come to define an entire movement. Effortlessly pairing trap percussion with horror-film ambiance, Metro helped make the dark trap banger a go-to formula.

Between projects like the aforementioned Savage Mode, Offset and 21 Savage's Without Warning, Gucci Mane's DropTopWop, and his own solo album Not All Heroes Wear Capes, Metro's spooky soundscapes quickly became fan-favorites. As for the future, it's hard to tell what the rest of 2020 and the following year will have in store for Metro. Hardly one to air his business on social media (unless he really feels compelled to weigh in), it's anybody's guess as to when we'll see him kick off the next phase of his musical journey. Either way, we're looking forward to whatever he's been conjuring. Happy birthday to Metro Boomin!